About us

Welcome to SHABLED online!

The inspiration for SHABLED came from the need to have:

  • A lamp that would not shed light once it was closed – “turned off”.
  • Easy to maneuver and manipulate.
  • Ability to customize strength of light output.
  • FULLY compliant with all halachic standards.
  • An aesthetically pleasing object that could provide all of the above.

Our ultimate design is the only thing that accomplishes it all. From the light source to all the box’s functions, SHABLED is truly the future of Shabbos lamps.

Shown here in white, you can see the convenience of having a tabletop lamp that functions as available space, too.

Towards New Horizons

Now it’s up to you, dear reader, to see the magic of SHABLED. If you’ve ever found yourself trying to read or learn late at night, after everyone’s fallen into a deep, cholent-induced sleep, but the light in the kitchen is too bright and the light from the bathroom is too dark, SHABLED is for you!

We find ourselves in a future where businesses are run with nothing more than a hand-held device and transportation has been sped up to reduce day-long trips to mere hours. It’s time for our Shabbos lighting techniques to catch up with the times.

With SHABLED, we finally have. We love our new Shabbos lamp and know you will too!

Available in a variety of colors, the all new SHABLED is the perfect place to store your jewelry and other small items you don’t want to lose before falling into bed.