The New Shabbos Light:

Brilliant Design

Small and square makes it easier to travel with, as it fits into any luggage or bag; its materials make it non-threatening and durable, and its inclusion of a drawer and clock make it functionally sound and useful. The ability to lessen the amount of light outpouring is just the cherry on top.

Brilliant Light

LED for the lighting was the easiest decision to make as it’s the most brilliant light we could find to provide for our Shabbos keeping community.

Brilliantly Simple

With our brilliant innovation, there’s no requirement for fiddling and fidgeting with the box to get the light out or to adjust its brightness.

No Muktzah Issues

Don’t take it from us – click on “Rabbinic Approbation” to see a signed letter from the Rabbi acquiescing to its permissible use.

Choose a color!

SHABLED is now offered in four color variations as seen below. Choose a color below by clicking on the image.

Have any questions or ideas?

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